Manual and electric slicers, restored Berkel's, kitchen appliances

Manual and electric slicers, restored Berkel's, kitchen appliances

Diva manual slicers

Dazzle your customers and friends with our modern and superlative manual slicer that has already transformed thousands of restaurants and homes and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Regal, fascinating, elegant, chic. A Diva.

Diva works without electricity and delivers you unparalleled precision each time you use it! Our four primary Diva models are available in customizable sizes of 250, 300, 350, or 370-mm blades. They are stove varnished in red or your choice of hundreds of stunning colors, as well as daisy or rose-shaped flywheels, fillets, and three intricately decorated border designs. You can also buy a matching stand of cast iron.

A Diva only for you

You can choose among 210 different colors, three types of flywheel designs and three types of decorated edges for a total of 1890 variants in each blade diameter. What is more, you can further customize your Diva with your name and/or logo (we need your file) at an acceptable cost. Just ask when ordering.

Don't miss an opportunity

Entirely are made in Italy our Divas are highly appreciated all over the world for their excellent price/quality ratio. Warranty is two years. Spare parts are at cost and so are transportation fees.

You can have a Diva and stand combination at special price. For example, Diva 250 with flower-shaped flywheel plus its stand comes at 2 490.00 EUR (+ 22% VAT if applicable).

To order : 

Diva 250 with flower-shaped flywheel and stand

Flywheels and decorated edges

Special flower-shaped flywheel designs, borders and decorations

Flywheels and decorated edges
Flywheels and decorated edges
Diva with stand